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Service, Market


Lab to create digital NFT content for virtual avatars using technology.

3D Avatar

Avatar models are made from 3D architecture. Avatars are made using the VRM model specification. Avatar has face shape keys and body bones for motion capture.


Content is transferred between users by selling, buying, and renting. Content and service makers will share the profits of all deals and rentals.


Anyone can join to create content and get rewards. If you’re interested in contributing content, contact us. DAO will be used for collaboration.


Lab to create online services for virtual content.


People can use avatars to represent themselves as another person. Video chat can be done without revealing your face, and you can show an avatar that mimics the shape and movement of your body.

Social Media

Avatars can be used for social media like Twitter. Avatars allow people to express their face and body motion.

Creative Work

Avatars can be used to create images and videos. It takes only a few prompts to create a marvelous picture and animation.


Virtual content can be sold and rented as NFT. Blockchain technology enables people to own virtual content.


NFT can be rented out to others. A limited fee is charged to render virtual content for a day. Any rent record would be open.


People can buy virtual content on OpenSea or other NFT markets. Content owners can also rent their content.


Profits from selling and renting content would be shared between the content owner and the service provider.

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Any question or proposal is OK. Just send a message.